Word Processing On Mobiles And Tablets

You probably don't remember or wasn't even born yet, but back in the 1970s and 1980s word processors were actual and physical machines which were invented as an alternative to the typewriter. Believe it or not.

People were getting fed up of these stationary machines - of course some were portable but still bulky - and reports also still had to phone in their reports or fax them from an office or hotel. Wouldn't it be best to have a mobile typewriter in the form of a computer aided word processor? Built with several buttons as a chording keyboard, they worked on a mathematical principle that allotted numbers to letters of the alphabet. Dependent on the numerous combinations of key presses, a different letter of the alphabet would be chosen.

It was learned over time that people could get the hang of this novel way of 'typing' or chording, however they never really caught on and remained as a challenge that was only ever finally met with the amalgamation of laptop computer technology and mobile phones in the late 2000's with Blackberry. We all require different things from our devices. As the industries once again converge on each other, computer sales down as there's interest in tablets. Laptop sales and notebook sales down as tables once again bite a share and mobile phones also suffering, what do we each want from our devices in the event we wish to writ on any one of them?

Firstly it needs a keyboard as it is clear chording won't catch on, not in age of one hand sms texting anyway. Secondly compatibility, the utility that allows each documents to be itself without transfer across laptop, computer, tablet and mobile phone will be the one to win the hearts and minds of the general population.

Do we need to write any more though? With voice recorders being a handy way of recording thoughts, will it ever be possible to talk as if we are writing? Word processors today can translate speech into text but the result, although we spoke it, never really reads as it would if written by hand. That leaves us needing three things, a mobile phone or tablet with a capable keyboard and a word processing software which is compatible with the majority of devices and other word processing file formats.

Although a constant internet connection and the ability to write straight into a drop box, cloud server software or the ever prepared email, may make word processing void anyway. Wordpress anyone?